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def AmpacheTools::AmpacheGUI::AmpacheGUI::destroy (   self,
  widget = None,
  data = None 
The function when the program exits.

Definition at line 118 of file AmpacheGUI.py.

            """The function when the program exits."""
            if THREAD_LOCK.locked():
                  result = self.create_dialog_ok_or_close(_("Downloads in progress.."), _("There are unfinished downloads, are you sure you want to quit?"))
                  if result != "ok":
                        return True
            size = self.window.get_size()
            self.db_session.variable_set('current_playlist', self.audio_engine.get_playlist())
            self.db_session.variable_set('volume', self.audio_engine.get_volume())
            self.db_session.variable_set('window_size_width',  size[0])
            self.db_session.variable_set('window_size_height', size[1])

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