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def AmpacheTools::AmpacheGUI::AmpacheGUI::button_pre_cache_info_clicked (   self,
  widget = None,
  data = None 
Pre-cache all album and song info.

Definition at line 2534 of file AmpacheGUI.py.

            """Pre-cache all album and song info."""
            if self.ampache_conn.is_authenticated() == False:
                  self.create_dialog_alert("warn", _("Not Authenticated"), True)
                  return False
            try: # check to see if this function is running
                  if self.button_pre_cache_locked == True:
                        print "Already Running"
                        self.create_dialog_alert("info", _("Pre-Cache already in progress."))
                        return False
            answer = self.create_dialog_ok_or_close(_("Pre-Cache"), _("This will cache all of the artist, album, and song information (not the songs themselves) locally to make Viridian respond faster.\n\nThis process can take a long time depending on the size of your catalog.  Proceed?"))
            if answer != "ok":
                  return False
            self.button_pre_cache_locked = True
            #thread.start_new_thread(self.__button_pre_cache_info_clicked, (None,))

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